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Optimize Revenue, Minimize Risks of Loss and Write off.

With over 25 years of experience, MEDSTAT delivers transformational Revenue Cycle and Billing Solutions that help your practice minimize costs and focus on what matters most: exceptional patient care. We have earned our place as the only billing vendor partnered with the Arizona Medical Association, and we are ICD-10 compliant and certified.

What MEDSTAT Can Provide for You

Our Expertise

We have mastered high-quality service that empowers medical professionals to focus on their patients, not their paperwork. With various solutions and the transformational technology to support them, we drive superior results for medical groups across Arizona.

Our approach is different: we know that “one size fits all” does not work for our clients. Instead, we develop strategies that meet your practice’s unique needs. MEDSTAT provides medical professionals from all fields of practice with the fastest and most reliable medical billing services on the market.

Revenue Cycle Management

When it comes to managing your revenue cycle, you should trust the experts. We specialize in ensuring a seamless, profitable revenue cycle for all of our partners. For over 25 years, Arizona has trusted MEDSTAT with unparalleled healthcare revenue cycle management with services ranging from Credentialing to Coding to Billing to Denials Management to Patient AR.

Post Write-off

Let us empower your financial transformation by increasing your revenue with our post-write-off services. Our Accounts Receivable Management team can help you efficiently handle collections, claim denial reconciliation, and your agency network.


Don’t let your operations hinder your growth or patient experience. MEDSTAT is here to support every facet of your day-to-day administrative workflows. Our competitive technologies can help you optimize your practice by managing patient intake, documentation, and referrals.


Equip your providers with the best tools for success by partnering with MEDSTAT. With our clinical documentation optimization and compensation insights, you can ensure that your providers and staff are well-supported.

“It’s easier than ever to keep our patients on-track with MEDSTAT.”

Learn how our technology is improving patient outcomes and reducing our client’s costs.

The MEDSTAT difference

Locally owned
and operated

Our humble beginnings have deep roots in Mesa, Arizona, and medical professionals across the Southwest have trusted our medical billing services for over 25 years.

Backed by the resources of Credence Global Solutions

MEDSTAT became part of the Credence Global Solutions family in 2018, and since then, our expertise has been back by the technologies and finances of a multi-million global company. We provide the best of both worlds, the agility of a small company, but with the technologies of a enterprise company.

and certified

We have earned our place as the only billing vendor partnered with the Arizona Medical Association, and we are ICD-10 compliant and certified.

Let MEDSTAT optimize your Revenue Cycle and Billing Solutions.

Experience the MEDSTAT difference today!