Technology is undoubtedly a critical factor in the success of any healthcare organization, especially when it comes to improving patient experience. From automation to telehealth, technology has come to shape the experience for both patient and provider. Its adoption is both urgent and necessary. 

Recent strains on the healthcare system have also urged healthcare organizations to reevaluate the efficiency of their revenue cycle. Is extending digitization to the patient engagement element of your revenue cycle the missing link? MEDSTAT has the solution. 

iConnect is a powerful patient engagement platform that enhances your relationship with your patients when it comes to billing. Here’s how iConnect digitizes the patient engagement experience, ultimately improving your revenue cycle and cash flow:

Communicate with Patients on Their Terms

Familiarity with technology unquestionably varies from patient to patient: while some may prefer communicating via email, others may rarely check their inboxes. With iConnect, patients have the power to choose how they want to be notified. This helps organizations engage with patients on the platforms with which they are most comfortable. 

Patients unfamiliar with the digital space can even opt to receive their bills in the mail. Moreover, iConnect has the capability to combine different options to personalize your communications yielding high engagement and results.

Fast and Secure Access

With iConnect, patients no longer need to remember a username and password. With just a tap of a notification, users gain direct access to their personalized patient portal. Incredibly fast and tailored to their preferences, their engagement is guaranteed to be a streamlined and simple experience.  

Full Spectrum of Payment Options

Empower your patients with choice. iConnect allows patients to select the payment amounts and types that best fit their needs and budgets. They can make a partial payment, full payment, or even enroll in a payment plan—all with a few simple clicks. With a wide selection of payment types on the digitized platform, your patients are more likely to engage with your office and pay for services on time.

The Need for Transformation

Healthcare revenue cycle management simply needs innovation. Currently, many revenue cycles are complex and managed by office staff, leaving room for both human error and improvement. The increased attention given to patient-driven care has sparked interest in improving the patient’s financial experience as well.

iConnect Patient Engagement Platform

Partnering with MEDSTAT can help your physician group keep up with the digitization of healthcare. Our iConnect technology was made to empower patient-centric care and a better digital experience. Contact us today for a demonstration.